Boys Intramural Basketball


Written by Samantha Bradley, Features Editor

The CWC is hosting the boys intramural basketball games! Juniors and seniors have created eight teams, The Shooters, Fighting Bagels, Genies, Shiestys, United Nations, Bananas, Creed Academy, and Windy City Ballers. The teams have creative freedom for their team names and what they wear: some teams even bought custom jerseys. The league is student-run, and each team has a student coach. They have also created instagram accounts to promote their teams and create a light hearted sense of competition.

The intramural games work like any other sports season. They play for two halves that are twenty minutes each game, and there are multiple games back to back. They include fun competitions into their games; for example, best dressed coach, where the winner gets a custom clipboard. 

Students have been showing tons of support for the boys intramural teams with full stands during games. Principal Greenan has even been seen supporting them as well! Alex Johnson, a member of the United Nations, states that it is fun to play basketball with friends and a good way to be active. 

Everyone loves a fun basketball game. You can watch the boys intramural games in the east campus fieldhouse, their schedule is posted on the CWC website.