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Devious Licks, Is It Worth It?

Written by Raven Rogers , News Editor December 6, 2021

You’ve probably heard or participated in the TikTok Trend, Devious Licks. The trend consists of students stealing or breaking school items, usually involving bathrooms. Students steal sinks, toilets,...

What is the Purpose of COMPASS?

What is the Purpose of COMPASS?

Written by Hailey Nickel , Editorial Writer November 4, 2021

Compass is an institutionalized academic assistance program at LTHS. It’s an extra class added to your schedule, for students to finish any homework or to study for a class. Students spend minutes in...

Spirit Week 2021... Was it a Hit?

Spirit Week 2021… Was it a Hit?

Written by Raven Rogers , Editorial Writer October 19, 2021

The Homecoming Dance is full of euphoria and cheer with loud music and fun games, but one thing that makes Homecoming one to remember is Spirit Week. Every year during the week before the dance, everyone...

Lets Get Groovy, Porters!

Let’s Get Groovy, Porters!

Written by McKenna Orrico, News Editor, Editor-in-chief October 18, 2021

After a long year with no social activities, Lockport Township High School gave students its first homecoming dance since 2019. This year’s homecoming theme was the 70’s, and the student body and staff...

LTHS Goes Wicked!

LTHS Goes Wicked!

Written by Abigail Worker, A & E writer May 23, 2021

The Porter Players present a Spring Musical Concert featuring The Wizard of Oz. The concert showcased The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, and Wicked! It was inspired by the books of L. Frank Baum. The performance...

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A Graduation the Class of 2021 Needs

Written by Kaia Hsu, Editorial editor May 13, 2021

As the weather warms up, the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end. The class of 2021 is officially graduating, but it is not a normal graduation. Instead of friends all together, and every member of a...

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Lockport Boys Basketball Finishes Season Strong

Written by Ryan Bennett, Sports Editor April 26, 2021

The Lockport Boys Basketball team is coming off one of their most impressive seasons in recent memory. They finished with a 12-4 record, and were one win away from qualifying for the conference championship.  The...

Community Service Opportunities on the Rise

Community Service Opportunities on the Rise

Written by Abigail Worker, Features Editor April 26, 2021

The year is coming to end, and instead of being able to enjoy one's summer, students are going to be worrying about community service hours that they weren't able to achieve last year. Luckily, there is...

In-Person Learning Student Feedback

In-Person Learning Student Feedback

Written by Emily Maier, Features Editor April 26, 2021

This first week back to school with the new in-person schedule has been filled with mixed emotions. There are many pros and cons to returning to all in learning. On one hand it has been very stressful...

Pictured: Aleksa Simkus, Christian Bouie, Ellie Anselmo, Nadia Goich, Cameryn DeBlecourt, and Grace Juergens
Photo Credit: Morgan Dapkus

A Winning Season for Varsity Girls Volleyball and What That Means for Next Season

Written by Eileen Ferriter, News Editor April 26, 2021

Lockport’s girls varsity volleyball team finished off yet another winning season this month. The team finished with a record of 9-3, dropping a total of 6 sets. Unfortunately, the season closed with...

Dont Be a Victim, Be an Advocate

Don’t Be a Victim, Be an Advocate

Written by McKenna Orrico, Features Editor April 13, 2021

“I was feeling confident one day so I wore a tighter shirt and leggings (in dress code) instead of my usual baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt. As I was walking down the hallway to my class, a group of...

High School Sports are Back: Illinois Announces Return

High School Sports are Back: Illinois Announces Return

Written by Ryan Bennett, Sports Editor March 5, 2021

The past year has been rough on high schoolers. They’ve had to adapt to remote learning, and most students on sports teams have been unable to play. However there has been a recent change in athletics....