Infant Forced to Vape


Written by Samantha Bradley, Features Editor

Sixteen year old mother, Annie Donovan, posted a video of her baby’s aunt forcing a vape into her eleven-month-olds’ mouth; they laugh as the baby coughs and smoke pours out of his nose. In the video that was posted to Facebook, Annie says, “It’s so funny.” It was reported by another account that the infant was taken to the hospital soon after. The video has gone viral as people criticize the young mom and aunt. One TikTok with almost one million views, a mother states “It’s not often I’m speechless..that’s disgusting, that poor baby.” In another TikTok with almost two million views another mom takes a different perspective, giving sympathy to the young mom, “I’m hopeful that [she] will learn from this because it concerns [me that she was] so comfortable in posting this video, and that to me indicates that the adults in the room have failed [her] as well…they should have pulled [her] up and said that is not okay.” Annie Donovan’s social media accounts have since been banned. Reposted videos have blurred the child’s face to protect his identity. Police are currently investigating the child’s safety and taking legal action towards those involved.