What is the CCC?


Written by Ava Lamb, Sports Editor

The CCC is an amazing program that helps students transition from living everyday lives to going out and developing independence! This program includes students who are 18-22. This includes grocery shopping, food preparation/meal planning, job trials, community experiences, and support at competitive employment sites. They have two amazing teachers, Brandan Morrone and Sue Herring! They help make this program amazing for the students! But what does the CCC do and how does it impact LTHS?

The CCC stands for Career and Community Connections. They learn daily living skills as well as communication plus vocational skills! They are very important to the LTHS community because of how much they give back to the community.


What about the students? Every day for the students is different and individualized for them! They love to plan, budget, and shop for parties! They like to take the PACE bus. They also have a couple students who take college classes and are competitively employed in the community. About 16 of the 29 total students participate in this. Another cool thing about the CCC is that they have their own career facility! Also, depending on student interests they change their vocational sites! 

How can we help the CCC be highlighted? 

“Businesses can contact us if they would like to become a vocational training site for students.”