College Corner: Central Michigan University

Written by Kyle Steinhoff, Staff Writer



My most recent college visit was a lengthy four hour drive to Mt. Pleasant, located in the heart of Michigan. Past the corn fields of Illinois, farther north than Indiana, and past the 188,000 strong of Grand Rapids is a beautiful campus stuck in the middle of nowhere. An hour off the expressway, Central Michigan has true community spirit, but the best case for students would be to just stick on campus.

Central Michigan does not lack diversity! They have over 20 graduate majors and 30 undergraduate majors including teaching, management and many more. Their biology department is one of the top programs in the nation!

Most recently remodeled in 2013, Central Michigan has some of the most modern, technologically advanced buildings in the nation. One of their remodelings is a state of the art library, that has five floors and includes movable bookshelves; you’ll never run out of material needed for that late night essay. These bookshelves only need your voice! Tell the system operator what type of information you need and the shelves will open right to the aisle with that information. A new biology building is currently also in the works and should be open sometime during 2017.

Your first few years will be located in the academic mall, found in the center of campus. This space of over 6 different halls is where you will have to take your basic courses freshman and sophomore years. Located all around these buildings are the housing units. These range from two floor units all the way up to 5 floor units. Some of the newer units look almost like hotels! The new interior designs along with the jacuzzi bath tubs make these dorms the place to be. Inside you will find two different rooms with a central living space and a shared bath with four people living inside.

Let’s not forget, the sports atmosphere is pretty hectic. Getting to attend a game was an experience, and was very entertaining to see all of the students show up and pack the stands 21,000 strong. The basketball arena is state of the art and is able to host the defending MAC champions for basketball and runner ups in the MAC football championship. They offer almost all sports that are known including oddities such as ultimate frisbee and even rugby!

Overall, Central Michigan is a massive school located in a not so massive town. The remodeled college has one of the best business and biology programs in the college. Nationally known for its sports teams, you will never run out of games to attend and teams to try out for! One of the main factor to consider when thinking about CMU is that any GPA higher than a 2.75 automatically get you in state tuition!

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