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What I Would Have Missed

What I Would Have Missed

Written by McKenna Orrico, Feature Writer, Editor-in-chief September 30, 2021

The month of September is used for National Suicide Prevention. To do my part in encouraging others not to take their own lives, I want to explain all the things I would have missed if I had taken mine...

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

You Don’t Have to Fight Alone

Written by McKenna Orrico, Features Editor March 16, 2021

Getting help for my depression and anxiety was the hardest thing I have ever done. I thought I could fight my own battles, but in reality, this was not a battle I could fight alone. My depression was taking...

Mental Health Awareness - and Tips!

Mental Health Awareness – and Tips!

Written by Alyssa Papesh, Copy Editor October 8, 2020

Mental Health Awareness Month last May taught us a lot, and what better time to journey back to what we learned 5 months ago and apply it now, while we’re in a global pandemic. COVID-19 has taken a toll...