Chicago Bears mid season review


Image by yuda setiawan from Pixabay

Written by Ryan Bennett, Sports Editor

The Chicago Bears have been a tough team to figure out. Throughout the beginning of the season, there have been impressive players who have shined, and the not-so-impressive players who have disappointed.

The offense as a whole has been a weak point for the team. Head Coach Matt Nagy’s play-calling and decision-making have been questionable at times. This can be seen in his reluctance to use Tarik Cohen, the 5’6” speedy running back that made all sorts of highlight plays in 2018. The offensive line has also disappointed, as former star Kyle Long has been placed on injured reserve.

The quarterback play has also contributed to the slow offensive start. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has been average at best, struggling mightily in games against Green Bay and Denver, before snapping out of his small funk against the Redskins. 

Trubisky would not be able to build off of his strong performance though, as he injured his shoulder in Week 4 against the Vikings. Backup quarterback Chase Daniel was brought in, and while he wasn’t impressive, he led the team to a win in that game. 

The next week, however, the Bears traveled to London, England, to play against the Oakland Raiders, a game most people saw them winning. Oakland ended up winning the game in what was a huge upset and a morale-killer for the team. Daniel threw the game-ending interception and it was clear that if this team wants to make it far, it will need to be Trubisky, not Daniel, under center.

Shifting to the other side of the ball, the defense has been outstanding. They held a high-powered Vikings offense to a measly six points and have made life rough for opposing quarterbacks. 

Many fans are wondering if this team can make the playoffs or not. It is definitely possible. They will need their defense to keep playing on a high level and a step-up from Trubisky, but the playoffs are well within reach for this team.