Devious Licks, Is It Worth It?


Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Written by Raven Rogers , News Editor

You’ve probably heard or participated in the TikTok Trend, Devious Licks. The trend consists of students stealing or breaking school items, usually involving bathrooms. Students steal sinks, toilets, and even bathroom doors. They damage bathrooms by tearing them apart and rendering them useless. Now, some bathrooms at East campus are closed off to students because they have been destroyed. Stall doors have been torn off, and sinks and toilets have been broken. A bathroom near the Lockport fieldhouse was destroyed, the stall doors ripped off and the toilets and sinks were broken. 

Students who participated in this could be charged for property damage, theft, and vandalization. Those caught doing any of those will be severely punished. The trend is also harming schools. With bathrooms being destroyed and things being stolen, schools have to pay for repairs that are not within their budgets. This causes the school to have less money for events like homecoming and prom. 

But it’s not only in Lockport. Calistoga High school, a Junior-Senior high school in California, suffered from students participating in the trend. According to the Weekly Calistogan, “When Calistoga Junior-Senior High School fell target to the viral TikTok challenge Devious Lick trend, it began with smaller, petty thefts, like paper towel rolls and classroom supplies. Students began taking the larger trash bins and school Chromebooks.” 

  The Devious Licks Trend has affected schools nationwide. It’s ruining schools physically and financially. There is no real advantage in the Devious Lick trend. It doesn’t help out the school, because now they have to pay for the damage. Also, with the money spent on repairs, it may affect the following school years which could alter students’ educations. So, pulling a Devious Lick isn’t worth it in the end.