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Digesting Lockports Lunch

Digesting Lockport’s Lunch

Written by Samantha Bradley, Features Editor February 17, 2023

Alright, we can all admit school lunch food is no gourmet meal. I mean, students have even compared it to prison food. Plus, we can all agree that lunch during the Covid-19 school years were rough. But...

Tragedy Strikes at Michigan State University

Tragedy Strikes at Michigan State University

Written by McKenna Orrico, News Editor, Editor-in-chief February 14, 2023

Students and parents around the country watch in terror as another University experienced a shooting that claimed the life of three students and injured a reported five more. On the night of Monday, February...

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Devious Licks, Is It Worth It?

Written by Raven Rogers, News Editor December 6, 2021

You’ve probably heard or participated in the TikTok Trend, Devious Licks. The trend consists of students stealing or breaking school items, usually involving bathrooms. Students steal sinks, toilets,...

In-Person Learning Student Feedback

In-Person Learning Student Feedback

Written by Emily Maier, Features Editor April 26, 2021

This first week back to school with the new in-person schedule has been filled with mixed emotions. There are many pros and cons to returning to all in learning. On one hand it has been very stressful...

Does school really benefit us all

Written by Daniel Cruz, Staff Writer May 22, 2017

School is a part of every student's life, but some people have different opinions or views on whether it is beneficial. Some students think grades measure who can do hours of homework, and some people...

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