Does school really benefit us all

The benefits of having an education

Written by Daniel Cruz, Staff Writer

School is a part of every student’s life, but some people have different opinions or views on whether it is beneficial. Some students think grades measure who can do hours of homework, and some people think that grades can actually measure intelligence. Everybody has different outlooks, but in my opinion, school is a very important part of everyone. We need our education to change the world in our own specific ways. We need education to know how to run everything, to see how computers work, and to designing the complex robots that can do human jobs better than we can. We need education to understand how these things work and to make advancements in them. School is an important part of us all, and every students should treat school as a top priority. School can set you up for your future.

Besides just the grading, school has us meet new people: our best friends, our “second family,” and team mates. We meet new people, develop social skills, and gain so much from school. School has many benefits with minimal bad things about it. We have stress and anxiety, but we gain so much more than that. School helps us all in so many ways and is a positive part of our community.