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Advice on Utilizing the Guidance Office

Advice on Utilizing the Guidance Office

Written by Delaney Coleman, Editorial Editor August 29, 2023

Any day people walk into the guidance office they are met with kindness, respect, privacy and care; however, I feel as though not everyone knows how to use the guidance team to their advantage. They’re...

What Electives do LTHS Students Want to See?

What Electives do LTHS Students Want to See?

Written by Samantha Bradley, Features Editor April 4, 2022

LTHS has a lengthy course catalog. While scrolling through the seventy-three page long list, finding a class not featured on it is a challenge. Students at Lockport are lucky to have the opportunity to...

Standardized Test with yellow pencil

It’s Time to Break Those No. 2 Pencils!

Written by Abigail Worker, News Editor February 16, 2022

For years students have questioned whether or not college admission tests are fair, or even necessary. The College Board has taken this into consideration and is now trying to modify the exam that has...

LTHS Goes All In!

LTHS Goes All In!

Written by Emily Maier, Features Editor April 12, 2021

For most of the school year, we have been learning from home. The few days of the week we actually go in school feel the most productive. There are many reasons why we might be getting the most out of...

Image by Stefan Meller from Pixabay

The Effects of Covid-19 on Student Learning

Written by Eileen Ferriter, News Editor February 22, 2021

One of the many things people have been worrying about during this pandemic is how to keep children learning and on track with their academic performance. The pandemic has kept students across the country...

FEAs sponsor, Mrs. Hernandez, at this years Step Up Night

A new club at LTHS for aspiring educators

Written by Emily London, Copy Editor November 28, 2018

It is clear to see the effect and importance education has on adolescents who spend over nine years of their life in school. Students grow based on their environment, and teachers are a big part of their...

LTHS hosts its annual College and Career Fair

LTHS hosts its annual College and Career Fair

Written by Angelina Borne, Photographer November 25, 2018

Does school really benefit us all

Written by Daniel Cruz, Staff Writer May 22, 2017

School is a part of every student's life, but some people have different opinions or views on whether it is beneficial. Some students think grades measure who can do hours of homework, and some people...