What Electives do LTHS Students Want to See?


Written by Samantha Bradley, Features Editor

LTHS has a lengthy course catalog. While scrolling through the seventy-three page long list, finding a class not featured on it is a challenge. Students at Lockport are lucky to have the opportunity to take a class about almost any topic imaginable. But, these classes are simply the backbone for the many ideas students have for new elective options. A survey taken by almost 200 Lockport students helped discover what additional classes they’d like to see. The potential classes are listed in order of student support.


Forensics. This class received an overwhelming amount of attention from LTHS students. This science class would teach students about the techniques used to detect crime. Using fingerprints and DNA to solve mysteries, many students would find this class to be interesting and exciting. Forensics would be a good addition to our school because it can expose more people to the field. Also, students with no exposure to this topic could gain interest, and decide to enter the field of criminology.


Interior Design. Many Lockport students expressed interest in taking an interior design course. Students taking this class would learn all the different principles of interior design, and will be able to explore different design ideas. This interior design course would benefit students interested in interior design or those who want to go into a similar field.


Real Estate. Branching from interior design, an intro to real estate class received tons of support from students. This course would introduce the skills needed to be a real estate agent. It would teach students all about the housing market, running numbers, and how to market yourself. This would be a great course for students trying to become an agent in the future.


Zoology. Everyone loves animals! Many Lockport students share interest in taking a Zoology course. This course would teach students about animal evolution, behavior, anatomy, and more. A zoology course would be great for students looking into pursuing a career involved with animals.


Video Editing. A video editing class was suggested by many Lockport students. A course in video editing would teach students how to edit and create videos. Along with exploring cinematography and the ins-and-outs of this topic. This class would be helpful for students curious about editing and give them some hands-on experience. 


Food Science. A potential food science course is popular among students. This class would include aspects of nutrition and understanding food processes. Students taking this class would benefit from the additional information from their previous health classes, and learn more about the science aspect to food.


Film Studies. Countless students displayed interest in taking a film studies class. This class would encompass all the different subjects behind in screenwriting and film. While LTHS does offer a Brit lit & Cinema course, students would like to see a class focused entirely on Film Studies. This specialized course could help those who are already interested in the subject to learn more before leaving high school.


Theatre. Although LTHS offers a drama club, many students would like the opportunity to take a drama/theatre class. This class would teach students improv, acting, and all the aspects of theatre. Drama club members would enjoy this class because it would be incorporated into their school day.


African American History. An African American history course has already been discussed as a potential course by our school board. However, it needs enough interest in order to become a class at Lockport. Since about 20 percent of students in the survey said they would take this class, it would need to gain more traction first. An African American history course would be an amazing addition to our limited history options. 


American Sign Language 3+4. ASL 1+2 are popular language courses for freshman and sophomores. However, there are no advanced courses for students hoping to continue learning ASL. A third and possibly fourth course was suggested by many ASL students. This would be great for those interested in deaf culture and Sign language, or even those hoping to teach or become an interpreter.


These potential classes have the ability to become an elective course if enough students show interest. If there is a class you are passionate about sharing, talk to your counselor about what you can do to create it! It is important for students to share with the school board their opinions and ideas. This can create a school environment where students can share their input and have a say in what classes they would like to take and other school-related issues!