In-Person Learning Student Feedback


Written by Emily Maier, Features Editor

This first week back to school with the new in-person schedule has been filled with mixed emotions. There are many pros and cons to returning to all in learning.

On one hand it has been very stressful going into school everyday. By the end of the week I am more exhausted from school than I’ve ever been. I am always worrying about being around so many people and getting taken out of school to quarantine. Even though you get time to complete your work when you are taken out, it still is going to put you behind in all of your classes. When students were in a hybrid/remote learning environment, they didn’t need to worry about having to quarantine and missing class. Every day in at least one of my classes, a person is taken out to self quarantine. According to the LTHS COVID-19 Dashboard, there are 292 students quarantining. Even with teachers doing the best they can, some students just learn better in school and having them taken out for two weeks drastically changes their motivation for school.

On the other hand, I enjoy being around people and actually talking with other students. I feel like everyone has gotten more out of this week than we have this whole school year. Every day I feel like I am focusing more and retaining the information that was taught. Overall,  attending four days a week encourages me to stay on top of my work and be a better student.

Although there are many pros and cons about being all in-person, it is mainly beneficial to our well being to be in school interacting and learning with others.


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