2021 LTHS First Semester Recap!

Written by Mara Kubis and Raven Rogers

The first semester of the LTHS school year was a success! The staff and students made a big comeback after an unusual year! Students may have gone out of their comfort zone with new campuses, but they are blooming in a new environment. It is everyone’s first year back from a long year of remote learning, so it’s been strange, but we have persevered and made this school our own. Here are the big things that happened in our first semester: we had a successful football season, a high-spirited homecoming week, a memorable homecoming dance, and an amazing variety show. 

This year the Lockport football team was crowned the 8A state champions with a final record of 13-1. It’s been 5 years since the football team made it to the playoffs, so this year we are making history! All of the home games had fun themes such as: Pink Out, Construction workers, America, and Halloween costumes. Students were able to show off their school pride during these themed days.  At the end of September, it was Homecoming week! Throughout the week, students were able to participate in different theme dress-up days and assemblies. The school also hosted numerous events like, poster night, movie night where The Goonies was playing, the Spirit Assembly, the Powder Puff game, the Variety Show, another big assembly, the football game, then the 70s themed dance.

Each grade level competed in the homecoming games to see which grade was the best, or had the most school pride. The contests consisted of who could perform the rain dance the best and the loudest! Students also participated in games where students were catching cheetos on a head full of shaving cream, catching balls with a bucket on your head, popping as many balloons as you can with just your feet, knockout, hoolahoop hop, and a few others. Other games were two truths and a lie; the students had to guess the lie out of three things a teacher told them. If the students guessed right they got to dump water on a teacher’s head! Only a few teachers were unlucky enough to get soaked! 

Everyone has had a great first semester and is now ready for semester two. The school year is off on a great start and the next half will be full of good times and memories to be made. Everyone is already choosing classes for next year and looking at the future, but we should be enjoying the present. If the first semester can attest to anything, it’s that Porters will find a way to make it through and live in the now.