Club Spotlight: Calligraphy Club


The picture above features a display of various works of Calligraphy Ms. Martin has created.

Written by Samantha Bradley, Features editor

Meet the art of beautiful handwriting! LTHS is proud to introduce the Calligraphy club sponsored by Ms. Martin. The club meets every Wednesday in room 43, and they are looking for new members to join them. Calligraphy is an art that anyone can learn with time and practice, so the club is open to anyone. During meetings, the club learns about different styles, lettering form, and the history of calligraphy. They are also hosting a fundraiser in November for their holiday projects.

During her freshman year at Carl Sandburg High School, Ms. Martin had acquired a passion for calligraphy. She ended up joining calligraphy club while also taking AP art classes and later going on to receive a degree in art. She is also a member of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective, which is an organization to educate and expose more people to calligraphy. 

Since Ms. Martin is a biologist and Horticulture teacher, she is able to combine both subjects to create beautiful art that incorporates plants. Along with that, she emphasizes the importance of calligraphy in a  new electronic world, where a simple letter can change someone’s day. Calligraphy is unfortunately becoming a lost art, but opportunities for those with this skill are plentiful. You can sell things like wedding invitations, glass creations, named decorations, and more. As a career or side business, there are many places this hobby can take you. Calligraphy can also be used as community service, for example, creating diplomas for preschool children and kindergarteners. Since it forces you to work slowly and carefully to make a beautiful piece, calligraphy is also a meditative and relaxing art that can be therapeutic. 

The club is looking to recruit new members, so if you are interested in joining you are strongly encouraged!