The Haunting of Central Campus


The picture Mr. Conway took while touring the attic above the auditorium. See anything strange?

Written by Estelle Brownlee, News Editor

The Lockport Central Campus has been around since 1909. It is an old building with a victorian-like structure, creaky doors, winding hallways and lots of mysteries locked inside. With Halloween just around the corner, talk goes around about all sorts of paranormal activities that have happened in that very building. The noises, weird shadows, and haunted history cause students to wonder what goes on in the school they attend almost everyday. 


The Information Literacy specialist for the freshman had a strange encounter when touring the attic above the auditorium. Mr. Conway had never believed in ghosts or spirits, but when the security guard touring him stated he didn’t want to go up there, he was unsettled. As he ventured up to the dark, cold, and graffitied room he started to feel a presence. Feeling freaked out, he snapped a picture and left. If you look closely, the picture he took has a shadowy presence in the left corner that could appear to be a ghost. 


This stems from an article written by Ryan Terrell in the Homer Horizon on October 30th, 2008. In the 1980s, a woman who was about to present an award on the auditorium stage suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack. This could explain some of the paranormal experiences that have happened in the school’s auditorium. Some people state that they can even feel a presence when sitting in there. 


The freshman center assistant principal has had a strange encounter or two. Mrs. Surman states that the elevators have gone up and down with no one in them and that the hallways always give off a weird vibe after dark. She encourages students not to stay at school after the sun has set.


It is obvious that there is some sort of paranormal activity happening in the Lockport Central Campus. Even ghost hunters have visited this school because of its strange reputation. While the rumors of the schools haunt and such pose as spooky stories for students and teachers alike, nothing has ever been confirmed about the abnormal happenings in this 113 year old school.


Next time you are walking through the hallways or auditorium of the Lockport Central Campus this Halloween season think of the stories of the real incidents that have happened in this school. Maybe you’ll make a friend. Happy Halloween!