Problem? The Solution: CLUB CREATE!


Written by Abigail Worker, A & E editor

Are you wishing to be creative? Wanting to let loose of that inner artist? Dying to use that pouring out inspiration? Well, think no more…Club Create is there to save the day! Club Create is a great club where everyone is able to express themselves. 

Club Create offers so many things for students, like the ability to be a director for short films, record videos for school, and even host your very own podcast! Upcoming fashion designers, look out because you can even create your very own merch like shirts, pins, stickers, and more! Artists wanting to paint, draw, write, and create graphic designs and posters can do it all at Club Create. Musicians, don’t feel left out because you can even create and record music at Club Create! Everyone is welcome to create anything and everything they want!!

Club Create has anchor projects throughout the year for students to all focus on a specific topic which allows every student to express and show off their skills. Currently, the club’s anchor project is a documentary series about LTHS’ Robotics Club.

                                                                         Want to know more about Club Create? 

Club Create was initially inspired by groups of students coming into the Central Port library at Central Campus, wanting to create things like podcasts and videos. Wanting everyone to be able to create things, the main sponsor Kevin Conway decided to turn the students’ inspirations into a club: Club Create. 

Club Create is in the process of creating a website for students to post their creativity. Until then, Club Create has a YouTube page (@lthsclubcreate) where you can find short films and other things students have created. All students, including those at the East and Central campuses, are welcome to this club. The club meets Monday-Thursday, and if you aren’t able to make it, don’t fret. You can come in during your compass or study hall at the central campus. 

Club Create is a fantastic way to meet new people and express those inner artist’s ambitions. What’s not to love?