3rd Annual Wild Fest Comes to LTHS

Bubba the Alligator, Wild Fest 2014

Eddie Kline

Bubba the Alligator, Wild Fest 2014

Written by Ellie Savant, Editor-in-Chief

Sunday Feb. 22, The LTHS foundation will be hosting the 3rd annual Wild Fest. This event is both educational and fun, where exotic animals from alligators to owls are displayed in the LTHS gymnasium. The purpose of Wild Fest is to show the Lockport community the importance of respecting all kinds of wildlife, targeting all ages in order to demonstrate the pertinence of conservation.

Wild Fest begins at 10:00 am and goes until 4:00 pm, starting with Big Run Wolf Ranch, a wolf conservatory located in Lockport. Next to present will be Jim Nesci’s Cold-Blooded Creatures, an organization that specializes in reptile rescue. Nesci’s alligator Bubba has been one of the biggest favorites in years past. Another Wild Fest veteran, Save Our American Raptors, an organization that focuses on the rehabilitation of owls and other birds of prey, will be presenting throughout the day. Following SOAR will be Incredible Bats, whose mission is to educate the public about the importance of bats in the ecosystem and dispel misconceptions about such creatures. Area 51 exotic and K-9 Guardians will also be exhibiting their animals this year.

Tickets for the Wild Fest start at $5 for students and kids and $8 for adults. During the event, there will also be a gift shop set up in the cafeteria, selling t-shirts, stuffed animals, and the like from the present organizations. Proceeds from this event will go to local animal rescues and student scholarships, culminating in a truly community oriented event.

“I think the Wild Fest is a good community event because it gives students and people from the community a chance to come together or an incredible opportunity to learn about wild animals,” says LTHS Senior Hannah Dado. “It’s both a social and educational experience.”

If you’re looking for a great time with a great cause, make sure you stop by the Wild Fest this Sunday. Not only will your contribution help to save animals in danger, but you are sure to learn something new. Hope to see you there!