The Model UN Club is prospering as the school year continues


Photographer: Zach Vestal

Model UN Club at Step-Up Night

Written by Annie Coniglio, News Editor

From troubles with funding to getting the word around, the Model United Nations Club at LTHS has faced many difficulties; however, even though the club face challenges, it is thriving. According to senior Will Cichowski, the Model UN club is a simulation of the United Nations where each individual is assigned a country, and they have to debate each country’s point of view in an active setting.

Senior David Bruining states,“You have to remember our current political atmosphere. If North Korea is threatening the United States then you would have to bring that into the debate and have North Korea’s point of view be aggressive.”

Some of the benefits of being in the Model UN is that it teaches students how to frame debates and also helps enhance their public speaking and negotiation skills. Cichowski also adds that not only will students be working towards achieving their goals, they will also make great friends in the process. Model UN Club also gives students an insight of seeing how the world functions.

Model UN club meets every Thursday at 3:10 P.M. in room 205 at east campus. Depending on the week, the Model UN Club can have 27 to 36 students attending the meetings as stated by Bruining.

Currently, the Model UN Club is enrolled in the Lyon’s Township High School contest and their main goal is to attend the University of Illinois Conference.