Is Voting Important?


Written by Kaia Hsu, Editorial editor

Every four years, there is an election to determine who will be the next President of The United States of America, and people 18 and above are allowed to vote. Now is the time to determine what one would want to change with America and to do that, one should vote. Voting is important because it allows people to voice their opinions about topics, see change, and help the economy.

Voting allows people to provide their input on groundbreaking situations. Whether it be on climate change, civil rights issues, or the economy, people can exercise their right to vote in order to show their stance on topics. For example, many people have decided to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden because under President Donald Trump’s administration the amount of greenhouse gases have increased, which causes a worse impact on the environment. It has been deteriorating and it is in need of change. Biden has stated, “We can get to net zero, in terms of energy production, by 2035.” By him stating that he is for a positive change in climate he advocates for those who want a better environment. For those who believe the environment needs saving, they would vote for Biden to see change they want.

Another reason why voting is important is because the candidate that wins will either improve or destroy the economy based on their beliefs. The two most influential candidates in the 2020 elections, Biden and Trump, have varying stances on how to handle the economy and the taxation of American citizens. Under the Trump Administration, the economy has been better than it has in decades with taxation cuts and an overall low unemployment rate. Voters who believe taxes should be cut and believe Trump is working to keep the economy in its best shape would vote for Trump. It’s especially important to vote if you care about your taxes because I would not want to pay for taxes that are excessively high.

Lastly, voting is a way to see change in America. Voting is important because it allows Americans to voice their opinions about what they want to change in America to make it better. It allows people to change what they see is wrong and make it right. Since the chance to vote is right around the corner, you could vote online or in with mail now or vote at your assigned polling place on November 3rd.